#102 10 minutes of Sauna time

Today we ended up at the resort pool. My sister, being the awesome sister that she is – not just for the fact that she is, quite simply, the best in the world, but also this fact made more so by the supporting evidence of her forthcoming words – said to me “why don’t you go into the sauna for a bit, I’ll have fun with baby girl in the pool. I want you to really relax.”


“I want you to really relax.”

I don’t think anyone has ever said that to me. I mean, yes Hubbie has, when I’ve been in a state of anxiety, or panic, or anger, emotions spilling out of me in a crazy unbridled manner. The doctor has told me that, only for an uncomfortable situation to follow which made me definitely NOT relax. I reckon my parents have said it too, when I’ve been upset by something. And most definitely in a yoga class, or when I’ve been lucky enough to have a massage, I’ve been told to ease up.

But for someone to care so much about me relaxing, that they would have to babysit baby girl for me while I snuck away?

(Like I said, best sister ever).

I went into the sauna, and sat so I could still see everything just in case I was needed. Baby girl was in the water – she couldn’t care less if I was there or not, as long as her Aunty was there to spin her around and sing and splash with her.

First I sat down on the lower bench, observing the wooden planks all around me. Then I decided I wanted a greater view, and went up on the upper bench, now watching the pool outside from a fly-on-the-wall’s perspective. My sister mentioned something to Hubbie who had wandered by, and he poked his head in to say “your sister says to lie down, it’s better.”

Well fuck me then. I will lie down. I won’t argue either.

As I lay there on the warm wood, breathing in the heat, water dripping from my swimwear, watching the world outside the sauna from a diagonal perspective, I felt my head getting heavy. It was bearable, but there was definite pressure building. At the same time I could feel my body sinking…

my eyes dazing off…

my breath slowing…

and my thoughts drifting…

Isn’t it always the sauna where some maniac will lock the doors on the unsuspecting person inside, cranking the heat up?

No, that’s the steam room, I assured myself.

Yet it was enough to stir me from my impending slumber. Damn over-dramatic writer’s head.

However those 10 minutes or so, I was super-grateful for. They were enough. I really did relax in that short a time, and even though I could’ve easily fallen asleep in there, I didn’t want to take advantage of my sisters generosity.

She had given me a long piece of string… I didn’t want to grab the rope it came from as well, along with the wheel it was wrapped around. I was happy. And I come to the conclusion that not only do I want a pool in our next house, but a sauna is completely necessary too. Just with no outdoor locking mechanisms.

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