#103 Mum’s food

Not only am I grateful for my Mum’s food… but it’s made WAY better when she has cooked for us, so I don’t have to.

It’s fantastic. I am so grateful for it – for her. She and my Dad babysit baby girl while I work, and on some odd occasion, more often than not, I get home from work and there will be like, one, or two pots, sitting on the stove.

“You’ve got rice, and beef, so you don’t have to cook.”

(Angels singing!)

Music to my ears.

I’ve always loved Mum’s food. Yes, sometimes she uses a bit of salt. Yes, oil is her best friend, as are butters, and other creamy additives.

But I’m so lucky, that I don’t even have to go to her place to eat it – she delivers it straight here, on top of the fact that she and my Dad are already doing me a favour and watching baby girl.

Babysitting + free food. Man, someone should start a business doing that. Oh wait, it’s called a nanny, right?

I don’t need a nanny. I’ve got my Mum.

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