#107 Mind, body and spirit

Mine and my sister’s intentions to head to the Melbourne Mind Body Spirit festival for years now, having had the plans cancelled and side-tracked and just all manner of events not working out, finally had our chance to go today. And it was her birthday.

We bought crystals, basking in their shinyness and glow.

We bought nut varieties and fermented foods, chocolates and green tea that we actually liked.

We nearly got brainwashed by scientoligists.

We entered competitions.

We got excited over magnesium.

We carried very heavy bags.

We drank weird turmeric multi-vitamin concoctions.

And we held off on toilet breaks and eating food due to our short time frame to SHOP SHOP SHOP.

It was a successful day.

I’m grateful our MBS day together finally came. It was short, but well-spent (so to speak).

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