#108 A (My) Mother’s work is never done

Although today was fun with a social gathering in the evening, seeing people and chatting to those we hadn’t seen in ages, in amongst baby girl chasing a darling dog, and yelling at Hubbie every time he jokingly told her “you’re cheeky – no babycino!” to her furious protests, I was actually touched once again, by my Mother’s help during the day.

She knew it in my message. All I said on their voicemail was “don’t know when we’ll be picking you up, as Hubbie and I have to both get ready, baby girl needs to go down for a nap, plus I’m making a cake soon…”

I guess I was subtlety asking for it, but I certainly wasn’t expecting it. As she always says, she knows me, and I’m so glad and grateful for it.

She came over and watched baby girl for 40 minutes while I did some things, and though the duration wasn’t too long, it still made a world of difference to me. And then once that was done, in her car again she drove, to then go and do stuff for my Dad.

I’m grateful my parents live so close to me that they can just jump in the car and come on over when I need them. But aside from convenience, a Mother’s help is so much more than that… it’s worth it’s weight in gold. No, it’s priceless. I love my Mum, and though she goes to the ends of the world for us ALL THE TIME, something about her coming over today at the drop of a hat (despite the fact that it’s not a rare occurrence), touched me.

I’m always appreciative, but some days you just need it more.

I’m really lucky to have her. And I’m eternally grateful for it.

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