#109 A day spent with faves

It’s hard to pinpoint one item of gratitude, when your day has been spent with some of your most favourite people, with many beautiful memories, laughter, hugs, kisses, warmth, and good vibes shared. I’m lucky.

Having said all of the above, it’s been an emotionally draining day too, a day in memory of a loved one not with us anymore.

I guess that makes you appreciate all the more the love you have in your life due to the people who are there for you in thick, and thin. The people with us today, my faves? They have been with us through thick. We have been with them through thick. And we are with each other through the easy times of course, to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished and all that we’ve gone through.

I love these guys, and I’m pretty sure they love me 🙂

Thick and thin. Hard and easy. Love does not measure. It does not justify. It does not calculate. It does not ask.

It is. It does. It creates.

It should be clear to you, where the love is in your life. Who the love is in your life. Where does your heart lead you when you speak the words? Where does it lead you when you hear the words? What picture does it show you when breathe the unspoken thoughts?

Go there. Go to love. Don’t bother with the bullshit. Life is short. Live love. Love life.



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