#111 Abundance of work cafes

I’m not in the least shy about proclaiming that I am a coffee snob.

Therefore, I’m grateful that I can be fussy when it comes to my caffeinated beverage of choice whilst at work. We’re lucky to have an abundance of cafes in the area, which is great considering last week I decided that I was going to be leaving my current coffee haunt. We used to frequent this place a lot, years back. Then through no fault of its own, we started going to another café, where we got a different tasting, preferably nicer coffee.

This is the coffee place where the girl actually knew how to spell my name, without me even telling her how to. She had gone beyond her barista duties to spy my name on my work pass, and engrained it in her memory bank.

From that day on, she became a keeper. And the coffee was good too.

But then, the business was sold, and she left. And the great coffee, with her too. The new barista there made bitter coffee on a few occasions, and my colleagues and I went “we’re jumping this ship.”

So we jumped back onto the old coffee haunt. Coffee was still good, reasonably priced… but the owners had changed. And with the change of ownership, came new staff, and a distinct air of snobbery.

I was able to ignore it for the sake of the good coffee, and decent price, for a few weeks. But then rudeness happened on top of the snobbery… so I said “enough’s enough.”

Which led the work crew and I to a hip and happening new café around the corner from our work this morning. They were extremely busy. We waited a while. The coffee was 60 cents dearer. It was exceptionally luxe and smooth, but a tad on the cool side.

I don’t know where we’ll go tomorrow. All I know is I’m grateful I can continue to be a coffee snob at work. There are plenty of cafes yet for me to suss out. I’m loving it.

(A coffee post reviewing the cafes surrounding my work area may just come in a future SmikG post… stay tuned).


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