#112 Mid-week eating out

Even better than simply eating out, is the mid-week eat out we sometimes do.

It was necessary today. We’ve just had a long weekend, which was great. But because of that, Hubbie doesn’t get his usual mid-week day off. Which means we won’t have our usual caffeinated, shopped up free day together. And it so happens I’m working during the weekend, so yeah, there goes any time we can spend together for another week.

I was feeling a bit down in the dumps about this realisation, starting to realise it was going to be a LONG week.

When we decided to go out tonight, despite not having any nearby days off together, it immediately made us feel better. I mean, what the hell.

Why do you need a reason to eat out anyway? I mean, other than the perfectly good reason of enjoying the moment and not waiting?

I’m grateful we did it, because suddenly, the week doesn’t appear so long, and next Tuesday doesn’t seem so faraway…

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