#114 Dad’s Hope

Today I visited my parents. Dad has been having some health issues lately – nothing major, but then I guess it depends on what you’re focusing on – but enough to stress him out a fair bit.

Things have been up and down, but it looks as if things might (fingers crossed) be balancing out for him. There seems to be a bit more up in amongst the down.

As we were warming ourselves beside their wall heater, I remembered something that I felt was important to remind him, especially at this time of year.

“Dad, don’t let the cold weather affect you, and make you more upset or frustrated. It affects everyone, not just you. Don’t get caught up in it.”

What I was trying to say nicely was, ‘Don’t let it affect you any more than you are already frustrated, and don’t let it add to your existing woes.’ I had said something similar to someone else who was going through a difficult time for this time of year, because in her case being alone, and cold at home, can be a horrible and unwelcome combination.

He smiled, and said:

“I know that behind the clouds, there is sun.”

And his smile was shining like that beacon of light.

I was so happy to hear him say those words. He is usually the one a bit more likely to complain or point out something wrong, while I try to shift his thinking to the positive… now he was inspiring me!

Oh man. Those words have stayed with me all day. I’m inspired by them, but I’m also grateful for them. Because if he’s saying that, then things must be on the upside. I can feel it in the cold and wintry air. It’s a-coming.


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