#116 Getting over with Sundays

I know it’s not a very grateful thing to want a day over with, especially since it denotes the fact that I’m wasting, or not making the most of my precious hours… but I had to work today, so I think that kind of explains everything.

In this roster month, I have to work two Sundays. And then, for the next two roster months (I peeked at the WIP) there are another two.

So in total, over the next 3 months, that is 4 Sundays, including today’s, that I have had to work.

But I have one down.

Why am I so hung up over working Sundays? My reasons are intertwined. I only work part-time, and then for my few days of work to be based on one of the two free days Hubbie and I have together, well, it sucks.

(Sorry, did I just have to explain why I don’t like working Sundays? Do I need to give a reason? That’s like asking someone why they don’t like getting up in the morning when it’s 3 degrees outside).

But anyway. When something is crappy, or there is something I have to do which I can’t avoid, I do the countdown. It helps me feel like I’m progressing through whatever it don’t like, as I focus on the positive.

Yes I have three more Sundays to go. But I have worked one. And as we all know, the start of something is always the hardest.

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