#122 Food like this on the table

2016-06-25 19.42.54

It’s always a great night when you have a variety of food on the table. You know it’s a better night, when you have this much on it though.

You also know, it’s most likely a Saturday night.

I love to entertain. But most importantly, when it’s for my nearest and dearest, I take great pleasure in bringing to the table all of my love, and all of me with that love. That was what tonight was about.

I am grateful we can do things like this. I love it.

(Clockwise from top: frenched lamb chops; garden salad with creamy dressing; vegetable and lentil soup; Sarma (Croatian dish courtesy of Mum); steamed corn; bread rolls from Baker’s (all gone now); sausages from Hubbie’s work; Jamie’s cucumber and olive salad; roasted semolina potatoes in duck fat; Kentucky style chicken tenderloins; and in the middle my saucy rice… we are all full, my job here is done 🙂 ).

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