# 124 The warmth of work

People don’t talk about their appreciation for their work places enough. So much of our livelihood is tied up in the place we frequent daily, which makes it that much more important that while we are there, we are happy.

It’s very true that there are cold, unfriendly and hostile work environments out there. I know, since I have personally lived it myself. However there are too many people that adopt a blasé hipster attitude and take for granted just what their work brings for them: yes, it’s hard to get up; yes, it’s difficult commuting in; and yes, it’s frustrating to deal with somewhat annoying people, day in and day out.

But just think of what else your workplace provides for you… if we’re just talking the basics: self-worth, a steady income to live, a new arena of colleagues, and a respectable sense of responsibility that makes you feel good about going there and getting things accomplished.

But today, my work gratitude? The warmth.

It was sooo cold walking in to work today. Like, the air was actually ice. I briskly walked the 10 minute path there in 6 minutes, knowing what was waiting for me. Not just shelter from the cold. Not just a kitchen where I could make my oats. Not just internet access that allows me to log on and post gratitude posts from my blog to you all (tee hee hee).

It gave me much needed heat. It’s so apparent and much welcomed, as I immediately jump on the escalator, it taking me up a level, as I rise so too the temperature around me heading me in an upward direction and enveloping me in a much-needed heater hug.

It’s that escalator rise, every time. It softens the hard walk over. It softens my early-morning tiredness. It softens the Winter.

In case you haven’t realised… it’s the little things.

All the little things are so important, since they make up the greater whole.

2 thoughts on “# 124 The warmth of work

  1. I love my work, so I can totally relate. And as you said, self-worth is a huge thing I get from it. Even when I feel stressed or undervalued I remember all the good things my work provides me.

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    1. That is brilliant that you love your work, we spend most of our time there so it pays to enjoy it! I think there is an acceptable culture of bagging the workplace, which is a shame because it does more internal damage to us than good

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