#125 Intimate Wiggles show

Flashback 15 years ago. I’m 17, at my first concert. I look up at the stage, squealing like the crazed-genre teenage maniac I am.

“He looked at me!” I grasp my sister’s hand, and she laughs. “Ricky looked at me!”

The Ricky in question, is of course one of my fave singers, Ricky Martin.

I was lucky to have been going to what would eventually be one of my constant never-changing fave singer’s concerts, as my first concert nonetheless. I was lucky that he had looked at me. And I was lucky to be 10 rows from the front, which is how he came to look at me in the first place.

Fast forward to today. I have an addition next to me – baby girl; on the other side of me, the same sister, but she also has an addition, her youngest son. The man in the blue costume makes his way up the side of the theatre towards us. He comes as close as 2 rows behind us, and I look back at him, waving and smiling.

He looks at me, and waves, smiling.

In my head, with much amusement I think ‘Anthony looked at me!’

Minutes later, and I’m waving to a man in a purple costume a few rows in front of us. He looks up and at me directly in the eye, returning the wave.

‘Lachy looked at me!’

I don’t say this out loud, like my 17 year-old self did so many years ago. I know it’s tacky. I know it’s juvenile. Yet still, I get a lot of satisfaction from thinking it, and amusement from seeing how my life has progressed since then.

If you have come this far and you still don’t know who the hell Anthony and Lachy are, you clearly don’t or never have had kids.


If you do have kids, you’ll appreciate that I’m talking about the kids sensation, The Wiggles. If you have had kids, and even if you’re not from Australia, it’s still very likely that you have heard about them, since they have been around for over 20 years, and are known quite well abroad. You will understand then, my sentiment.

And if kids are not yet in your life – yet – well then get to it. Being at a Wiggles concert while your toddler loses her shit dancing and spinning around to the music, well that’s almost worth having kids to experience that.

Baby girl is two months shy of 3. As I revved her up for today, telling her where we were going and with who, she was excited. She’s at an age, where she really knows. Not just ‘knows’ shit. But really knows shit. And she got excited for a reason. The concert was brilliant. My sister and I enjoyed it just as much as our kids. Baby girl threw herself into it, dancing along, and completely exhausted herself by the end of it. It was such a joy to watch and experience, seeing her so happy, made even more so by the fact that it wasn’t one of their huge arena concerts – it was a smaller, very intimate, you-can-see-everything-from-up-the-back (and we should know we were there) type of concert.

I absolutely loved it. So did baby girl. Here she is, at one of her (very short) rest periods.

2016-06-28 14.47.05

You have to understand. A parent will go to great lengths to ensure their child is happy. Because when their child is happy and at peace, so are they.

I am grateful for these shows, and these performers, who provide a space for all to be happy.

Winning on both counts.


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