#126 Burgers with bestie

2016-06-29 12.31.01

It wasn’t particularly the burgers that made today such a standout moment for me (although they were fairly delish, and will be making an appearance in an upcoming Food Review post on SmikG… at this rate in about 3 months time); no, not that, but the fact that I was sharing them with an old, tried and true, loyal and devoted bestie, is what was the icing on the cake (or should I say bacon in the burger).

Bestie and I have been in each other’s lives for about, oh, 24 years. Going on 25. We were in the same class in grade 2, and though we shared a different set of friends, we always had mutual respect and gave kindness to one another even back then.

It was in high school when we really started to have each other’s backs. Being the bottom of the pecking order, and knowing very little people upon entry other than those who had also come to the high school from our primary school, we learnt very quickly that we could rely on each other through thick and thin. We could trust each other with our deepest secrets, and build each other up when the other was down.

We sure could laugh too. We’d sit in the back of class and cack ourselves stupid with private jokes about really random shit. And the best part was, we got away with it. We did our homework, we never really disobeyed our teachers, so they couldn’t say boo. We laughed our way through the whole of high school.

We had a lot of shared interests, but even through our varied creative endeavours (she was into music and dancing, me writing and creating) we supported each other and had a tremendous amount of deep of meaningfuls for girls our age. We were so incredibly deep, dissecting Bon Jovi songs, looking between the lines of Prince lyrics, and even trying to make up songs ourselves! The goal was, I was going to be her songwriter, and she the singer who performed them.

Then school ended. We both went to uni, studying different interests. We both finished with different degrees. We both sought out work in varied fields, luckily for us though, in our chosen places of employment. We both succeeded. We both had guys, and married those same guys (ha ha). I had a baby girl. And yet, through all this varied work, and study, and PLAY, and widening directions, we’ve still remained in each other’s lives.

Today was so evident of that. We haven’t sat down across from each other in about 5 months. It’s been a long overdue catch up. I left baby girl at home with Hubbie, to get some much needed alone time, but also so I could dedicate myself properly to the task of catching up with my old bestie.

No. Correction. My still bestie.

And it was great. We had burgers. They were brilliant. The surroundings were cosy. For two and a half hours we gasbagged. I think if we had stayed there ’til the sign on the doot turned around to ‘Closed,’ we still would have been talking. Put us in the car park, and you could have found us chatting into the night in our cars.

Back in the day, after spending the day together at school, we would still call each other at night, talking more about the days events, what we felt about this, what we thought about that. We just talked. I wish I could listen to one of those conversations, but I have no recollection about what we spoke about. I can only guess… Boys. School. Friends. Music. Pranks. Annoying People. Crushes. All of the above and so much more.

Two and a half hours is not a lot of time. But time is never enough when you’re with a loved one. I was so happy to see that after all this time, we could still talk each other’s ears off, and if we were to spend time with each other for the next week, month, year,  even lifetime, I think we would constantly find new material.

And that my friends, is the sign of a true friend 🙂

I’m grateful that I have a friend like this. When you have one like this, you don’t need many more.


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