#132 Car shelter

I went to work sick today. I immediately regretted it. I thought maybe I could leave earlier, seeing as I felt like rat shit, but when I looked out the kitchen window to see the skies opened grey and a steady stream of water gushing down from it, I knew I wasn’t going ANYWHERE.

Hours and hours later, at the end of my shift, the rain had ceased. Everything was wet as I walked back to my car. It wasn’t raining anymore, but it was still damn cold. And despite how crappy I had felt the entire day, I was really looking forward to something. I could barely wait.

I sat in my car with relief, and breathed out. I was in my car, and I was going home. I was removed from the harsh elements, and now I was heading to my area of solitude. My small glimpse of gratefulness had finally come.

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