#134 Hubbie’s sick day

So it’s all about being sick, and then better lately. I do not lie – yes we are getting better, with only the occasional cough here and there. However despite this, Hubbie still took a day off work today.

He got up this morning at his alarm’s beck and call. He got dressed. Brushed his teeth. Had brekkie. Put on his work boots. And then drove to work.

And on his way he was thinking. Thinking, thinking. He got to work, parked where he usually parks, and then called his boss.

“Sorry I can’t come in today. I’m still sick.”

And then he drove home and gave me the fright of my life.

See, he wasn’t lying. He was still unwell. He could have very well worked. But he had thought to himself ‘I never take sick days.’ He’s a dedicated worker, who always pushes himself to do extra, never wants to disappoint, and has had instilled in him a very strong work ethic from a young age which promotes all of the above even more.

He wanted to take advantage of the situation, and take a damn sick day. I mean, who hasn’t done that, ever, just once at least? And when they haven’t even been sick? He had been sick! Is/Was!

He came into our room and woke me by saying “SmikG, I’m home again!”

It took me several minutes after being suddenly woken, looking at the alarm clock that read minutes before 7, back to his explaining, and back to the pre-7am clock, before realising that no, he wasn’t fucking with me. He hadn’t just woken me to tell me he was home before doing a ‘Ha ha,’ Nelson from the Simpsons-style joke, before actually leaving for work. He started to tell me why he had taken the sick day, going into detail, and I just said “ok. I still need to sleep. Go downstairs and lie there or something.”

Do you think I did? I lay there for 90 minutes with random scenarios going through my head, excited about the day, and yet concerned over just when Baby girl was going to be asked to be a flowergirl ANYTIME in the near future, and having Prince’s “Love” lyrics in the background of these thoughts, interspersed with Timbaland ft. JTs “Bounce.”

I could not sleep.

But I was happy. I went downstairs slightly cranky I hadn’t slept more considering I was still ‘getting better,’ but I was happy. Happy we would spend the day together. And then more happy because later we did this:

2016-07-07 14.40.55

Something we ALL love to do.

I’m grateful for Hubbie’s random sick day today. An extra day spent together, is always something to be happy for.

(The above coffee and dessert was had at Jahdomes in Mill Park, and although a review will come in due course over my 1st experience there, you might have to wait about 3 months for it judging by my current backlog of Food Reviews over on SmikG ;P)

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