#135 My dancing girl

She’s not only my baby girl. She’s my dancing girl.

She loves music. It makes me so happy, I can’t even express how much. Not only because both Hubbie and I love our music and a good partay, but there was a time when I was seriously worried that my unborn child would be affected by the stress in our life back when I was pregnant. I was worried that the trauma would bring her into the world a scared, angry, affected child.

I am so grateful that nothing can be further from the truth.

The last few days she has been spontaneously dancing and clapping to Prince in the car, and calling out to us if we don’t join in. She runs up to the stereo speaker each night and points, telling us to put on the music so that she can dance. When we do, she jumps around wildly, waves her arms about in a ‘come on!’ motion, and just goes crazy. We look at her like ‘what are you on? Can we have it too?’ before joining in on her shenanigans and turning the kitchen space into a dancefloor.

And even when she had the cold (and she still is getting over an annoying nose – blocked vs runny) she still has the energy and willpower to run into the room screaming with joy when she hears the music come on.

She is our inspiration. I want to be like her when I grow up.


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