#137 Unexpected sunrise

The tiniest of light filtering through the blinds allowed the outlines to stand out in the bedroom. I dressed against it at the foot of the bed, with Hubbie’s resting body lying there, softly rising up and down.

I tiptoed to the bathroom to freshen up, and then made my way back to give him a kiss before casting a wishful glance at the room baby girl was asleep in, as I quietly crept down the stairs.

It was lighter outside, but there was no one in sight. On the road it was the same. 5 minutes down the road, in absence of life and movement and sound, I pulled over on the side of the road to capture this:

2016-07-10 07.28.42

It was unexpected beauty. I love to sleep in, so when I see a sunrise like this, I feel particularly lucky, as if the world is saying to me ‘here… something to catch up on.’

You don’t have to be on the mountaintops or by the bay to catch sight of mother nature’s unsurpassed pristine presence. Sometimes you’ll be in the suburbs, on your way to work, on a Sunday morning, while the world sleeps, and boom!

It just appears.

And for that, I am so grateful.


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