#138 Sooner sunset

Yesterday sunrises, and today… sunsets. An appreciation of both in a different way.

You see, about 4 days ago I became aware of something. The light coming through our kitchen area seemed brighter than what it had been weeks ago. Not blinding bright, it just seemed like the darkness of night came upon us a tiny little itty bit later than usual.

I got cautiously hopeful, and ran my own test. That day, the sunset on the weather app on my phone read 5:16pm.

Today it reads… 5:18pm.

YES! (Lleyton-style fist!)

If a later sunset, and more daylight at the end of the day isn’t enough to make you grateful… well head on over to the Antarctic, I don’t know you’ve lost me.

(Pretty interesting info on the above link I must add!)

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