#140 Smooth sailing

Not the nautical kind. Though I have a friend sailing off a coast somewhere near Sweden, I was not myself ship-ping it today.

We are trying to progress to the next stage in our life. We are trying to sea change.

When you make a decision such as this, a house is important.

We were looking at one such house today. It will take a lot of work, and in the end we may not even get it for our hoped-for price, especially if there is a bidder out there willing to pay more.

But for today, considering it was a last minute decision to see the house once again, everything went well. We had smooth-sailing traffic throughout the day, we saw the house in detail, spoke to neighbours in the area, and got some very useful information overall.

So whether it is that house, or another one, I am grateful for the ease of the day. It tells me that no matter what, we’re moving in the right direction (pun not intended).

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