#144 My Parents

I was pissed off. I put baby girl to bed, saw that Hubbie was happy napping too, and decided to calm myself by making someone else feel better.

I headed over to my parents’ house. They’re going to be needing their daughters’ support more than ever over the next couple of months, so no time but the immediate moment to start. I tried to keep the focus on them, and what their plans were for the next while – but in true parent fashion, they knew something was up.

Soon we were talking about the very thing I had come over to try and avoid the topic of. Selfish, inconsiderate, uncooperative people. People who only thought of themselves. People who wanted it all. People who didn’t care. People I had no time for, but unfortunately people who I couldn’t avoid.

It was a big open-all, heart-to-hearts. And I realised something I always knew.

My parents are always there.

My parents always have the exact right things to say.

My parents really do know it all.

My parents always have my back.

I was sitting there, feeling so comfortable, amongst my own. Sitting at the old kitchen table I used to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything else in-between at, just made me feel right at home. The home I’ve made with Hubbie and baby girl is definitely home. But there’s a comfort attached to your home home. Your original abode, the place you grew up and became the person you wanted to be and made memories in. There is comfort, nostalgia and homesickness all mixed into one.

Made even more so by my parents being there.

I am so grateful for these two humans for being the most amazing parents there ever could be. They have always supported me. They have been there for me through everything. They would go to the ends of the earth for me and my sister. And despite their own hardships, they continue to. They have always been there for the deepest of conversations, lightest of laughs and toughest of trials. They’ve provided for me everything I could need and want and more, and inspired me to be the kind of parent to baby girl that they are to me.

I’ve always been appreciative of them and all that they’ve done, and all that they are, but most particularly in recent times, and definitely today, I’ve felt their love, their warmth, and their dedication.

And it just blows me away that despite their own personal battles, they are there for me, no matter what. That’s how loyal they are.

That’s what a parent is. That’s what love is.

I love them so very much. And when things get tough, you realise just how much.



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