#146 Espressive mug

I’ve been having a spate of really frustrating days. I don’t like being in my head like this, and remembering certain things that are going on, or going to ‘go on’ in my life very soon, is not fun or in any way conducive to happiness.

So it helps, in the absence of joy, that there are little, itty-bitty, teeny-weeny things to be appreciative of. Like this mug.

2016-07-19 16.07.26

I actually bought this for Hubbie as one of his little Valentine’s Day pressies earlier this year. We don’t go crazy on V-day – there is usually chocolate, flowers, a little cute something (like the mug) and some form of alcohol, our most favourite recent addition, a bottle of Moet.

We have heaps of mugs, and maybe to that affect is why he hasn’t yet drunk out of it.

But that won’t stop me. Like the necklace I fell in love with that I bought my sister (she later gave it to me) or the book I bought bestie (she let me borrow it), I was like “well I’ll be damned if I don’t drink from this mug, even if you don’t!”

I really do love it. I found it in Urban Attitude, and I swear, walking around that shop makes me laugh out loud, every single time. The colour of the mug, the witty message, the popping text, and just the fact that this mug is MEANT for coffee, makes me love it all the more.

I’m actually drinking a mocha from it as I write. Espresso from the Jura, on top of a teaspoon of Cadbury drinking chocolate with lots of hot milk on top. Alongside some fudge. Can’t forget the sweets.

It’s sometimes the little things… No. It’s always the little things.

(And if you write or pronounce espresso as “expresso,” I am sorry but you, my friend, are shit).

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