#147 Fondue

My crap ongoing stream of events kept on coming-on today. True, it kind of lessened and waned out for a while, and I was even Hopeful, can you believe, when we took ourselves and a sick baby girl to Max Brenner after lunch.

I repeat: a sick baby girl.

I have been dreaming of chocolate desserts for the longest of times, and when we realised we could actually do it today, I was excited. It’s been a tough week, but still, I was hopefully excited.

This is the photo I took before I had baby girl in a strong-hold beside me because her disobedience was skyrocketing.

2016-07-20 13.19.33

This is the photo I took after I had just yelled at her for being incredibly cheeky and deliberately going against my rules.

2016-07-20 13.22.44

This is the photo I took after I almost lost it and was at breaking point and the verge of tears because she was driving me crazy, the straw on my back from this past week.

2016-07-20 13.26.10

Then I proceeded to eat a lot of melted chocolate and coffee. I dipped my anger into the chocolate, and devoured it. I sipped my frustration from the cappuccino mug, and it was gone. I picked at the fruit and sweet treats with my fondue fork, and stabbed the annoyances away.

When we were done with our shared dessert, and all there was was only melted chocolate left, I was only sad because there was still melted chocolate left, and nothing to damn well dip it in. I tried to eat it with my spoon, and after getting insane mouth-sugar-freezes, decided I should leave well enough alone.

Then I read this on my saucer:

2016-07-20 13.51.34

And smiled. 🙂

Look, I was still shitty. But the melted chocolate had made me feel a little better. And anything that makes you forget the lows of life, even temporarily, is enough to make this post.


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