#149 No op

My Mum had her check-up today, and from all reports it appears that she won’t need to have an operation.


I don’t want to celebrate too loudly, because

a) we still need to do one more test

b) we’ve had a crap spate of bad luck lately so this feels a little unreal, and

c) it is July.

If you don’t understand what I mean, I mean that July is generally a shit month. (I’m sorry if your birthday falls in this month, I really do, but for your sake I hope your July is on the other side of the hemisphere and filled with sunshine and birds singing, not savaging winds and Antarctic blasts). Not only is July shit weather-wise, but for me personally, it is always crap-ola city prior to my birthday month. So right now, I’m going ‘what? Reprieve?’

I will however revel quietly in the moment that on this Friday, my Mum is happy, the family is happy, and finally we have something happy to smile about.


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