#150 Random drop-in at Sis’

I want to preface with this:

Moments ago it is 1:20am and I am lying in bed. Thinking of the full and fun day and night we just had, and of what I will do tomorrow, with random thoughts and images just popping into my head as my mind starts to slowly drift off and my body gets heavier as it sinks deeper into the mattress, covers all warm and snug and cosy around me.

You know those random thoughts. Some song you’ve been trying to remember for days suddenly decides to grant you with the name. You get a smashing story idea and in your sleep-inducing state you hope Dear God can you please help me remember this tomorrow? (it rarely reappears the following day, disappearing with the mist of the night as soon as you close your eyes). I often get really good poetic or character dialogue when I’m in this state, yet 99% of the time I never remember what it is the next day.

I was lying there and it occurred to me: I haven’t posted in my grat blog today!

Shock horror!

Despite getting less than 6 hours sleep as I’m working yet another Sunday, I still got out of my cosy bed to creep downstairs and write this post. Albeit a hefty post, I might add.

THAT IS MY DEDICATION TO YOU. (Not yelling, just passionate).

And this post totally counts because I haven’t fallen asleep yet, post-midnight or not post-midnight.

But the following appreciation section will be short and sweet. Because we stopped by my sister and bro-in-law’s place on the way home from yet another visit to our Sea Change location, and sometimes, really, these impromptu on-the-spot visits are the best kind. There’s no fussing about, no pre-planning, everything is a surprise and a bonus and a joy, and it’s all very fun and casual.

I think, what if we had just driven home and gotten there at a decent 8:30pm? We would have gone to bed at a decent hour, and I would probably be sleeping already, with a completely different gratitude post instead of this one. I don’t know what I would’ve written about, but it wouldn’t have been about this spontaneous visit.

Instead, we had a great night, and lots of fun and laughter and singing and music and coffee was had as usual. And yes baby girl lost her shit as I changed her into her pjs post-midnight when we got home. But now she’s asleep. And soon I will be too. I know my rest will be significantly short tonight, but hey, we had fun, we made memories…

And that’s what it’s all about, right?


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