#153 Playing in tents and singing to Halo

I was pretty cranky as I washed the dishes tonight, and that’s an understatement. I don’t even know why I was cranky, and thinking of what to write for my daily gratitude gave me no inspiring or enlightening moments, making me feel helpless.

And then Hubbie started mucking around. After one of my moody outbursts, he proceeded to pretend to hide from me with baby girl eagerly following suit. They peeked at me from the other side of the kitchen bench, ducking their heads low every time I looked over. These two, cheeky, encouraging, silly smiles beaming at me.

Then they decided to run to various corners and peer at me from the laundry, around the corner, and behind the kitchen table. Each time, gasping and quickly hiding in obvious glee when I caught them.

Their joy was contagious. How could I not smile? I was thinking ‘you two are the best.’

Suddenly they disappeared. Moments later, Hubbie yelling out “Mama!” on behalf of baby girl. I followed the voice to see movement inside baby girl’s little tent under the stairs. I poked my head in and found these two bodies squished inside. Baby girl patted the floor, telling me to hop in.

With the stereo blaring my ipod from the kitchen, that’s how the above title came to fruition. Beyoncé came on and we were just singing out loud, squashed against each other, pushing the limits of this tiny tent with mine and Hubbie’s legs sticking out the front.

Hubbie: “What would someone think if they saw us like this right now?”

Me: “I think they’d think we’re having the best time.”

I love these moments.

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