#154 New tan boots

Simple and materialistic today, but I got some boots and I’m not even excited. I’m relieved.

These boots have been about, let me see… one, two, three, FOUR years in the making.

I didn’t put off their purchase for lack of anything… well kind of.

At first, I was pregnant. I thought ‘I won’t buy boots now. I’ll be practical and buy me some new shoes after baby, next Winter.’

Then, I was with new baby. And I thought ‘I have no time to go looking for freaking boots! Next Winter.’

Then, I was busy adjusting back to work, while still busy at life. ‘Boots, what boots? Next Winter.’

Then I had time, but ‘All the boots are crap? Why do they have sky-high heels or flat-arsed soles? Happy medium, anyone? Next Winter.’

Now, I was DETERMINED. And this Winter, today, I got these beauties on sale.


Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful. But seriously, this thing took way too long. I should have just bought the damn boots four years ago, and gotten myself a brand new pair today. No yesterday. I’ve done the very thing I never do anymore: put off any type of joy or fulfilment or happiness or satisfaction of any kind in any medium, just because I think it’s best to save it for later/a better day/a perfect scenario.

*cough (bullshit) cough.*

The moral of this story? Next time I’m preggers, I’m buying a pair of bright red super-high and shiny heels, just because.


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