#155 Fort

We were housebound. I had no access to my car, which meant that on yet another miserable, grey and windy July day, there was not much to do.

I racked my brain. I pulled out a toy bus with wooden passengers I’d bought for baby girl about a month ago. We played, put blocks on its roof, pushed it around, and made her other toys fall off it when we accidentally pushed it too fast.


Clean up.


What to do, what to do…


While baby girl was watching some Mister Maker, I got 4 chairs and arranged them in a square. Threw a big blanket over the top that came down to the sides. I grabbed one of her quilted throws and placed that underneath the blanket and between the chairs, on the cold tiled floor. I placed her foam fold-out couch atop, then softened the surrounding chair legs with cushions. And then watched baby girl’s face as she discovered this makeshift house, right in the middle of the kitchen.

2016-07-28 15.14.10

She eagerly jumped inside, getting comfortable. I brought in her toy teapot and cup set, her plastic slices of cake, and we got set pretend eating and drinking in the warm surrounds of the fort.

2016-07-28 14.49.44

She was thrilled beyond words. As we sat there, silent, squished against each other as is the norm in forts, she whispered “shhh.”

We were taking in the fort more than anything, looking at each other, and smiling. It was beautiful. The close proximity to each other meant we were forced into each other’s space no matter what, but this only meant that we felt the awe, peace and love we were both feeling, two-fold.

Suddenly, the day wasn’t so boring after all. It reminded me of when I used to imagine being a parent, and partaking in silly games like this. Only they aren’t silly. They’re magical. And I’ll be that parent, for as long as I can, who climbs trees and dances along to the daggy actions, who builds forts and races their child in shopping centres, who sings along with them in the car, and who does all the things that makes her children happy, even if it makes her appear, not so grown-up.

So bloody what.

Because her happiness, is my happiness too. The magic of her youth as she experiences the exciting highs and discoveries of a fun, make-believe, happy world, will make me feel like a child again. And that ain’t too bad.

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