#156 Sibling

I hope you at least have one. Some of you might have many, and that’s rad.

But I’m here to say, you don’t necessarily need, let’s say, 5 of them. It may make life that much more interesting (and frustrating at times), but all you really need is one good one.

I know, because I have one. One good one.

It’s been an interesting day. It’s been an interesting month. I know I’ve said along those lines a lot lately, but it’s true. When I say that something is ‘interesting,’ I usually mean one of two things:

*things have been interesting

*things have been shit.

The latter.

Today, I put baby girl down for a nap, took my cappuccino upstairs, closed the door, and called my sister.

2016-07-29 16.46.42

Sitting on the floor of our ‘crap’ room – you know the room where you put all the stuff that you want to keep, but either doesn’t belong anywhere, has no storage room for an spot in the house, or those items that you’ll just deal with eventually? (never) – leaning against a hard wooden tallboy, baby girl’s old dusty walker on one side, a huge wedding print of hubbie and I leaning against the wall staring at me, with a tower of teetering photo albums housing 1000s of photos next to it, sis and I both drank coffee on our respective ends, and purged.

I realised in the fading afternoon light, that despite our stressful circumstances and conversation, that this was good. When you have a sibling, you have someone who is like you. Someone who understands you, gets your life, gets everything around it, and importantly, gets your parents. You can’t really talk to anyone the way you do to your sibling. I have friends who I’m close to… and then there’s my sister. And I realised in that moment, not only am I so grateful to have her, and grateful to have her as my sister (another post), but I’m grateful to have a sibling.

It may sound one and the same, but it is different.



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