#157 Genuine excitement

It’s always a great night when we get together with our best friends. Tonight we told them our big news.

Our big news. Expecting it just to be our big news. I mean we’re not stupid, self-absorbed, or jaded. It’s happening, going to happen to us, and therefore we should be most excited about it.

But no.

What we saw in their faces when Hubbie told them where we were moving, that we were going to Seachange… wow.

Excitement. Shock. Awe. Happiness. Genuine good will.

It’s a mark of a good friendship when you can be deeply and wholly happy for one another’s happiness without any hint of resentment or jealousy. And we didn’t feel anything but love tonight.

We haven’t moved yet, but still… knowing these people who are so deeply intertwined in our lives, who have our back, and are encouraging us to go full steam ahead, despite the distance it will evidently cause in our visits… I’m touched.

But hey. It’s not that bad. I give it 3 years, tops. And they’ll be joining us by the bay too 😉

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