#163 That scrunched-up rabbit nose

“This is what I signed up for! This is beautiful!”

So I exclaimed to Hubbie just over an hour ago. Sitting on the couch, winding down before taking baby girl to bed, watching over her as she drank her milk, and then suddenly, being the focus of some unexpected and totally adorable attention.

First was the hug. She randomly placed one of her arms around my shoulder, bringing me in. “Awww!” Then came the recently made-famous, rabbit-nose scrunch.

It is too cute. I know, I know. She’s mine, so it’s probably only adorable to me. But that’s not true. Because I just know that anyone who would happen to see this rabbit-nose scrunch, or be on the receiving end of it… well. You just wouldn’t be able to contain yourself, I assure you.

The point of it you see, is she’s giving a kiss. She tries to pout, yet doesn’t quite smack her lips together to make a kissing sound, so instead she scrunches her nose and does a real big *sniff.*

It is really LOL-worthy. Having this almost 3 year-old in her sleeping bag scrunch up her nose and sniff at you while wearing a milk moustache, is just so bloody hilarious. Hubbie and I repeatedly cacked up. And we imitated to her just exactly what she was doing – the scrunching and the sniffing – and she too found it funny, with her over-the-top “ha ha ha!”

Oh man. This is the stuff you hear about before you become a parent. The hugs, the kisses, the laughs. I love it. What makes all of that worthwhile though, are the gruelling nights, the harrowing days, the difficult decisions, and the indecisive and confused moments that make you question every single thing about yourself and of life itself.

Having said that, I wouldn’t change any of the above, ever. The love and joy you receive in comparison, soars in contrast.

All for that scrunched-up nose. 🙂

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