#167 My special greeting

The grandparents don’t just get a special greeting when baby girl hasn’t seen them for a while. I was the recipient of a particularly warm and happy greeting today, from none other than baby girl, and the reaction I got from her was ten-fold anything I had ever seen.


I was picking her up from the MILs house after work. I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. I peered through the glass panels of the front door to see immediate movement behind another set of doors, and then those open to a highly-animated little figure. But not just animated. Volume abounded, and I could see baby girl waving her arms wildly, skipping high, and yelling “YAY!” as she charged skipping/running towards the door.

How could I not smile? :):):)

She flung the door open, and her smile was, oh… amazing. So wide and happy and bright.

And the best part, it was all for me.

I hugged and kissed her repeatedly as she snugly took it in, looking up at me, beaming.

If I could have recorded that moment, I would have. Oh man, what a moment.

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