#172 The verge of happenings

It is quite a surreal experience, when you have been wanting something, planning something, envisioning something, for so long, that when you finally do get it, there’s a few moments that occur.

‘Shit. I have it. What now?’

‘I really have it?’

‘We can now start with our plans!’

The next part, after getting whatever it is you want, is always particularly thrilling. This phase, when you have all the boldest and brightest ideas, and you can see them all happening, is the most exciting. Everything is possible, anything can happen, and the world is your blank canvas. Or in this case, our Sea change house is:)

We are now on the verge of all of this starting to propel down the hill at full speed, and the ball we’re balancing on makes it scary, yet a hell of a lot of fun.

I’m grateful to be at this stage. I will take ALL the stages in, and revel in the novelty of all of them.

This is the best bit… is what we should say every time.



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