#174 Birthday wishes

Social media often gets a bad rap: for the way that people’s lives are presented a certain glossy way, hidden from the real, stark truth; the propaganda that easily gets spread by the unknowing/uneducated; and the competitive high school-like types who think it is telling, and worthy to have 350 ‘friends.’

But then on days like today, I am reminded of people’s niceness.

Getting birthday wishes from not only your loved ones and close friends, but from people you barely speak to, and genuine heartfelt messages from others you don’t speak to often, well it kind of makes your heart go all fuzzy. I am a firm believer of actions speaking louder than words: therefore if someone has taken the time out of their day, no matter how small the time may be, to write me a little message of happy birthday-ship, well, that means a lot.

You see, they don’t HAVE to do it. It would be perfectly acceptable if these people who I never speak to (yes I also have these ‘friends’… I prefer to call them acquaintances) didn’t message me on my birthday. But the fact that they have, well, it’s not only surprising, but much appreciated.

Awww shucks.

Social media has some good points after all…


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