#175 Early bird and the worm

You know that saying: “The early bird catches the worm!”

Well, for a stay-up-late, sleep-in girl such as myself, I kind of don’t like that saying.

Whether I like it or not though, it IS true.

Take today for example. And the whole week in fact. As baby girl’s birthday party steadily approaches, I find myself with more and more things to do… and you know, there’s also that issue of

tick, tock, tick, tock

Annoying, I know. Today I got myself out of bed at 7:30 which may not seem early to some, but when I’m not working I stay up ’til 12, 12:30, sometimes even 1am. But I went to the shops and started doing stuff, a whole 90 minutes before baby girl was even up.

It was actually pretty cool. And EASY. Because of the lack of people around the shopping centre, I parked easily, I walked around amidst no foot traffic, I got served quickly, and it was all very smooth-sailing from start to finish.

I’m grateful that there are places open early enough for early-risers, and random/occasional early-risers such as myself; I’m grateful this is the case as it makes life so much easier when all else feels like a mad rush and an intense competition to get things done; and most of all, I’m glad the quote proved me wrong. So, so wrong, that I’m getting up early the next few days (and drinking triple the caffeine to compensate for it.)


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