#176 Kindness amidst stress

That’s all it takes: a switch of perspective.

This will be awfully short and (kind of) sweet due to my birthday party preparation-imposed time restraints… but today I was rushing around like a mad woman as I do in the lead-up to any ‘do’ that we have, and as I was checking myself out of a self-service counter, glad I had finally found some black cardboard (the reason for this may be unveiled in a future post) I asked the woman surveying the self-serve checkouts for one thing:

An elastic band.

Not only did she bring me not one, but two, but she put them on herself, rolling the cardboard first, and while I struggled with my purse and other bags, she popped the rolled cardboard into a bag for me to be on my way.

It was the tiniest of gestures. But she had helped me amidst my stress, serving me in a self-serve check-out (!) and I made sure to show my appreciation.

Still in a state of pressure I walked on, but this time I had a hint of a smile, a jolt in my step, and the content knowledge of there being nice people around.

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