#177 3rd birthday creativity

I’m in bed, my freshly painted pink nails slowly drying, hitting the keypad slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y, and thinking of the creative day that was had.

Yellow bows, Wiggle-Emma style, placed atop whipped milk chocolate ganache on pretty cupcakes. I’ve never made whipped ganache, or to that effect yellow bows made out of fondant! But I did it. I watched youtube videos on the subject, and learnt a little about cake decoration.

Next, I worked with those edible images you stick on cakes, working with yet another batch of cupcakes. Another youtube video, learning about that and how you have to place that atop buttercream (or thereabouts) icing. Tick.

And finally, in amongst that, a lot of cleaning, a lot of tidying, and other baking and cooking projects (Nutella-filled baked cinnamon doughnuts to be made into a whipped cream and fudge tower, anyone?) Hubbie and I stayed up after baby girl went to bed, and set to work measuring, stencilling, carving, and cutting, in order to make a Wiggles Big Red car photo booth cut-out.

I had a moment, pausing from cutting out the yellow circle headlights, to look at Hubbie using a Stanley knife to cut a section from the thick cardboard, and smiled, wondering how we would explain this to baby girl one day: “we stayed up and did this for you!” I thought of all that had proceeded the car, with the baking, and the learning of different techniques, and I felt happy. I felt proud.

No matter how any of it turns out, I think she’ll have a pretty good time at her party tomorrow. It’s all been a hell of a lot of work, but given the rewards, the experimental creativity, the learning of different things, I’m feeling pretty grateful.

That’s enough in itself.




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