#178 Cold pizza

2016-08-21 00.36.10

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Hell yeah.

Sitting at our extended table, post midnight, on yet another Saturday, however this time having had not just a mammoth day, but a super super mammoth day, and eating cold pizza, well…. it speaks volumes.

Because it’s not just the fact that it’s cold pizza. It’s the fact that you do not give ten fucks that you are eating cold pizza. You revel in eating the cold pizza. You are so happy/exhausted/relieved/over it, that walking a couple metres to the microwave is just ‘bleh.’


‘Bleh’ is an awesome way to be, not caring about anything anymore, after a week of caring a lot about many, many things, and stressing over them continuously.

Bleh comes with cold pizza. They are inseparable. And thinking of the day we had, I loved this pizza. It was gold.

I’m grateful, really I am, for cold pizza! Bed now…

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