#179 (belated post) My Tree Charm

I am so shit. It was only when I was driving in the sun earlier today, Prince blaring in the car, baby girl chattering behind me, getting inspiration for TODAY’s blog post, when I did an internal double take.

Wait. Did I?…. No! I didn’t.

(Face Palm).

I didn’t bloody post yesterday. And the thought didn’t even cross my mind.

I did have a few thoughts during the day, and I did even think of what I might post about… and yet I didn’t follow through.

So essentially, I was able to post after 1am on Saturday night/Sunday morning even after an insanely long and busy and fun day, but I couldn’t post yesterday, after staying home in my trakkies all day, cleaning and tidying up the house, eating leftover cake and pizza and even going bra-less.


But this is for yesterday. And the below is representative of all the presents I received:

2016-08-22 17.09.13

It’s from my sister. I love trees, and tree emblems, and tree figurines, and really just grand old, symbolic trees in whatever form they take.

She bought me this for my birthday, and it was just perfect. I received some lovely gifts and cards, and many made me teary, but this one, and her card, took the cake. Almost literally.

She knows me well. It’s perfect. I’m grateful for beautiful objects that remind me of the constant growth and rebirth in the world.


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