#181 Bestie, birthday, movie and Me

Which scenario is better:

  • heading out for your birthday
  • spending some ‘me’ time with a cherished friend, or
  • participating in a luxurious past-time that has been absent from your life for a long time?

Why, I have the answer – ALL OF THE ABOVE!

I was really excited, when a couple of weeks back my bestie messaged telling me she wanted to take me out for my birthday to see a movie. My initial instinct was to worry ever-so-slightly about how baby girl and Hubbie would manage things without me for a few hours… and then I was like ‘no!’

They will manage. Anytime I have been out, they always have.

Tonight, post-birthday, but never, EVER too late for a good time, we headed out to the local cinemas to watch Absolutely Fabulous The Movie. This was the movie of choice, because in our high school years we were one of very few (maybe only) in our year who actually watched the series, mocking Eddie the following day with repeated “sweetie sweetie sweetie sweetie darling”s. It was hilarious, as all things are in high school.

Well, the above line didn’t come out in the movie – a few ‘sweetie’s yes, but no combo like the above. I had popcorn just so I could feel like I was actually at the cinemas. The salt dried my lips out, but I had no damn care whatsoever.

I honestly wouldn’t care if I was watching the movie that had won the yearly Rotten Tomatoes award. I will gladly pay anyone to sit down and do nothing, much like I do at the hairdressers too.

However, I did enjoy the movie. As a disclaimer for other movie-goers, I do think it’s probably only enjoyed for those who actually watched and liked the series. It was light and fluffy fun, nothing too overwhelming or even too hilarious. Just silly, much like Edina and Patsy.

Following the movie was a bite to eat, alongside a drop of red from the seaside destination we are heading off too… and then the talking. D&M. Talking. More D&M. It made me realise how much I miss ‘me’ time, and bestie time, and just going out time, that I need to make an effort to do it more, and not just when prompted, not just for an occasion. It has to be a common ritual.

I came back home so much happier, and full of vibrancy. I was refreshed, I felt brand new, and I was ready to be a Mum and a Wife again.

Mums, if you’re reading this: do it. Take the night off too. You deserve it. You won’t regret it. Looking after ‘you’ is important, more so because you look after everyone else.

I’m so grateful for the night I had. I didn’t think I needed a night off, but boy was I wrong. I am so glad I was wrong. I need to be wrong like this more often.

‘Sweetie darling.’



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