#182 OCD record-keeping

So I receive an email today from our solicitors.

“If you wish to discuss please call our office.”

Before I even look at the attached documents I just know I won’t be happy.

Apparently, there was something we hadn’t paid for prior to the settlement of something we sold last year. Looking over the documents today, I’m like ‘we paid this, I know we did.’

I can recognise the paperwork, and even though life as a Mum can be awfully hazy at times, there’s one thing I’m a total ninja at: record-keeping.

I had to do something with Hubbie this afternoon, but the pesky email just wouldn’t leave my mind. It was harassing at me, gnawing at my mind, asking me in what beautiful way I could put the unfair bastards who were claiming this nonsense to shame. Finally when our job was done, I went trawling through my old bank transfers online, and lo-and-behold…


A while later, I went looking through more folders from our study, hoping I’d kept enough paperwork to further support our case –

I literally, randomly opened up the folder, and BANG!

The paperwork in question was staring me in the face.

Like, seriously. I’m an OCD-ninja-record-keeping-detective, but even I didn’t know I was that good.

I scanned everything and sent it off to our solicitors just moments ago. With the message “I’m more than happy to help, but maybe the owners of X and X should check their monies received more carefully.”


So, at the beginning of this, I started out quite shitty. However someone’s apparent loose grasp of checking paperwork and money, leading to them unfairly pointing the finger at someone else, has only reconfirmed to me what I must always do.

Hoard hoard hoard. Hoard all the paperwork. I used to think I hoarded too much.

But no. I must hoard so much more.



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