#186 Brekkie with friends

I haven’t had brekkie out in a while. Minus when we’ve been away, we kind of have been avoiding it since the kind-of-manoeuvrable days when I’d take a baby girl, then actually a baby, and feed her pureed apple and banana or mango or whatever fruit of choice while we waited for our poached eggs/big brekkie meals to arrive.

It’s hard to travel in the car with a hungry child. I won’t do that to her, just for my sake. I put brekkie out, on hold. We put brekkie out, on hold.

But then, last night happened. At a family function Hubbie found his best mate, and within 5 minutes they had hatched a plan that our two fams would breakfast out the next morning. This morning.

We were all tired this morning, all wondering if the other party would still be willing to go through with the proposed plan. Baby girl was with snotty nose, having come down with something in the last few days. Little sleep was had. Cold. But still, with thoughts of cooked breakfasts beside a fireplace, we all soldiered on.

2016-08-28 10.48.20

It was an interesting brekkie! A review will come in due course. And next time, we will be better prepared and actually book in advance. But it was so nice to not only be ‘breakfast-ing’ again, but doing it with dear friends… who also have kids, so that our scallywag bunch can amuse each other somewhat.

Life is about enjoying each moment as much as you can. Life is even better when you can share those moments with people you love. That, I am grateful for.

2016-08-28 12.32.19


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