#187 Going back to work

Crazy, yeah? So true though.

I’ve been away from work for about 2 weeks, but what with all the buying of our Seachange house (!) and baby girl’s and my birthday, it hasn’t really felt like ‘2 weeks off.’ Nonetheless when all the big events were over with last week, I took the time to just chill and go “ahhh.” It’s going to be crazy again before we know it, and I just needed that time to not care so much, and let things be as they will be.

However the problem with letting things be as they are, and not being in my regular work-home-life routine, is that tasks and things I push myself to usually do, start to slip. Especially my writing. I take it easy in my spare time, feeling as if I have nothing pressing to do (trust me I have a zillion pressing creative tasks though), and feel as if I have all the time in the world, for this, for that, for ALL the things…

And then one week of sleep-ins later, and ‘oh shit.’

That went quick.

Back at work today, and already my creative juices are swimming. I need to be busy, and have a busy schedule, in order to squeeze writing into my life. I’ve always been that way. In uni, have 1 month to write assignment worth 40%?… nah, do it in the last 4 days and pass out from fear when all the text books required have already been reserved in the library.

Have several weeks to plan and get ready for baby girl’s birthday? Nah, just do it all in the last 3 days and don’t sleep and yell at everyone in the house like a dictator until everyone is crying, including me.

Have all weekend to do washing? Nah, just do 3 loads all on a Sunday night.

You get the picture?

I stress when I’m busy, but I simultaneously thrive under the pressure. It’s insane I know. And though I may not be under the pump right now, just knowing that my days aren’t as free since I am back at work, just makes me wanna write, and plan, and research, and make phone calls, and be creative and fill my days with everything NON-work related, that much more.

So in effect, work helps me write. Funny, huh?

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