#188 Contacts

It’s really convenient to have a sister who has moved house, at least, once.

(Severe understatement).

Nevertheless, whether it has been 3 or 13 times, this amazing woman has contacts. I called her earlier tonight and even though my house-buying query was about the legal jargon in the contract, she ended up giving me the number of her kitchen guy, and told me about her conveyancer.

When you have a ‘kitchen guy,’ it becomes obvious you are skilled in the art of moving/renovating.

She has on previous occasions told me about their fireplace guy; their plumber; their locksmith; and their electrician.

It’s hard doing this house-buying thing and all the things that come with it, on your own, for the first time, winging your way and learning about stuff as you go. So to have someone with reliable ‘contacts,’ handy people, is like jumping to the front of the queue.

We need all the help we can get. All the help, I don’t deny any of the help.

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