#194 Yellow packages

I love how nowadays you are told via email when something you’ve ordered will be delivered. I was expecting such a delivery this Wednesday, but upon viewing my personal emails at work, I saw with gleeful surprise that it was due to arrive TODAY.

2016-09-05 17.03.08

You know how when it’s your birthday month, businesses and stuff that you subscribe to might send you a voucher or something to celebrate your month make you want to spend money at their shop? Well I received such an offer from one of my fave shops, and though August is so stupid busy that I usually completely forget to take advantage of any such said offers, for some reason, I remembered I had $20 to spend, but I didn’t know how I would spend it since I wasn’t planning on heading in that shop’s direction for a while…

Then, an insane thought, coupled with another email from said-store saying ‘25% off everything for the next 24 hours!’

I’m no Einstein, BUT –

$20 voucher, plus a 25% discount of an item = Great steal.


And how to achieve this result?

Why, online shopping of course!

When I was meant to be doing some other important house-related stuff late that night on the last day of August, instead I was trying to work out how I would score something from this store for absolute minimal cost.

Hence today’s package.

I’m not usually a yellow kinda girl. I actually can’t wear it – it doesn’t do me any favours. But the colour popped out at me, and I saw myself holding it as I walked down the main strip of our Sea change location, where we’ll be residing ourselves permanently in the next couple of months.

The yellow spoke to me: summer, sun, beach, shops.

Fun, lifestyle, fashion.

Different, bright, happy.

Happy is good. Happy is great.

I like yellow presents 🙂 From me, to me.

Why not?

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