#195 Colleague appreciation

It’s nice when you are valued at work. It’s even nicer when a colleague says it out loud.

Someone I’ve been recently working with has had a bit of a tough spell in recent weeks- call it office politics, and a certain ‘someone’ believing that not only should sexy have come back with JT, but high school bullshit and petty yard nonsense too.

I’ve been trying to help her out and see the bigger picture whenever we get into a bit of a bitch-fest about said person, and I’ve also been telling her not to feel bad for her emotional feelings and behaviour. She should not be sorry. Her feelings are real, and she shouldn’t dismiss them just because management doesn’t want to deal with it.

She told another colleague today, while in my presence, that she’s felt so much better these last few days, inspired by my positive vibe. And then this other person said “it helps when you’re working with good people.”

I know it was a general statement… but aww. It’s heart-warming to hear the lovely things people think/say about you.

So today I’m appreciative. I’m appreciative for the insight I got into myself, to see the way people perceive me… I’m appreciative that I had that much sway to help a colleague in distress… and I’m appreciative, that she appreciates me for it.

Grateful, for gratefulness?

Why, we all want to be wanted, don’t we???


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