#196 New toys

It has been 4 years since I got my last mobile. That’s like, eons.

The way cats are 79 feline years old by the time they’re 8 years according to our math,(or something) those 4 human years of my phone equate to about 1295 in technology years.

Seriously. My old HTC was getting to the point where some days, some buttons would work. Other days, I had to get creative and discover strategies to get to certain screens… I even had to end calls on people by forcing a shut down on my phone – that’s how difficult it started to get.

My old phone was great. It just got old (and dropped a few times by baby girl) and along with the fact that there are people out there who change their mobiles as often as they change their underwear, I figured it was time for us too, to upgrade and get with the times.

Honestly, sometimes it’s not even about the money, or keeping up with the latest gadgets. A lot of it has to do with time. Lack of. If you don’t have time to research phones and make that step towards actually heading into a phone store and spending at least an hour there, well you’re screwed.

Today, we MADE the time. I was so scared my phone would die on me before I had a chance to back things up and transfer files, and along with the fact that our Sea change will happen in about 2 months, I thought it was safer to stay ahead and make sure the phones we had were reliable, in the face of multiple phone calls by agents/bank lenders/conveyancers/tradies that would only be increasing in volume very soon.

SO! After all that, today this:


Mine looks like that, the silver version, while Hubbie has the gold one. It’s a new toy, something to play with, waste away precious time on, and flash the big-arse screen around for others to ogle at.

I am excited by the thought of the improved photo quality, and in particular that for my food photos, so any future Food Reviews should look pretty awesome. Let’s see how that goes.

But really, it is exciting. It takes us ages to upgrade our phones, each time they start to die, just because, LIFE, but when we do, we have fun with it.

Gorgeous gadgets.

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