#197 Bank lender

Today has been one of those crazy, nonsense, ‘what-else-could-happen?’ days. However amidst the madness, I would like to express kindness towards our bank lender. Let me count the ways…

  • Firstly, she is great in that she is realising our Sea change dream. No mind the fact that we actually need to find the funds for it, but she’s helped make the task easier.
  • She is open, straight, and friendly, and I feel so comfortable picking up the phone to call her or shooting off a quick email at every moment when the situation requires.
  • She laughs at me when I ask a lot of questions or get highly stressed, and I know she’s not LAUGHING AT ME, rather laughing at my ridiculousness and then trying to assure me, and that’s ok.
  • She doesn’t appear to bullshit. I like this. She just gets to the point – yes or no. We can or we can’t.
  • She has kids too, so she totally got it when baby girl started climbing under her desk and pulling at computer cables. People without kids, dealing with my kid, just stresses me out.

Prior to finding this bank lender, we met with another mortgage lender… and though this lady was meant to be one of the best, we just didn’t gel with her. We couldn’t. It was at a time of our lives where we were still trying to work out what direction (literally) we wanted to go, and so I think her presence reflected our home-search uncertainty.

Maybe it was never meant to be.

Our current home lender though, we found through our bank… and I’m not giving names, I’m not naming institutions… but we go to these places so that they make our lives easier when push comes to shove and the ball is rolling and can not stop so hurry up and run and beat it before it breaks something at the bottom of the hill.

I saw her today, and she answered all my questions, and was just… lovely.

It’s important to surround yourself with good people, and by good people, I mean those on your wavelength, who can see your dream, your vision.

If something just doesn’t feel right… move on. Don’t let someone change your direction because they can’t see it themselves.


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