#198 People to look after me

I am sickly, so this will be short.

But put simply, I am grateful I have people to look after me when I’m unwell. I’ve caught some kind of virus, via/Hubbie/baby girl, with them catching it via God knows who, and this virus which has waited until the sweet end of its reign to make its mark on me, leaves you feeling like, well… absolute shit.

I am cramping in my abdomen and lower back. Nausea surrounds me constantly, and dry-wretching leads to nothing. I am so weak, from lack of sleep due to aches and pains, and also the fact that I have barely eaten anything because I cannot stomach it.

However, today I had my Hubbie tending to me. My MIL had baby girl for the first part (worst part) of the day as we headed to the doctors to discuss, What The Hell? (Apparently there’s a bug going around, Melburnians beware).

Baby girl paraded me with kisses when she woke from her nap and has made sure to envelope me with affection as much as humanly possible.

So, I feel like shit, but I also have love.

People that give a damn.

And that’s pretty un-shit worthy if you ask me.

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