#203 First kinder visit

In amongst hard, and long, and trying days, I think it’s really important to try and pinpoint something worthwhile, something positive, something to be grateful for amidst the madness.

I can speak like this because I have had a very trying day.

However, in taking my own advice, I’m sitting here exhausted on the couch, and thinking of what tugged at my heart strings earlier today. And it was baby girl’s response as we walked into the first kindergarten as part of our mission into choosing a school for her next year. I can’t wait until she starts kinder, only because I believe she will thrive, and she LOVES playing with kids and exploring new things. And as she cast her eye over the room, picking up random toys, a train from Thomas the Tank Engine, exclaiming in joy as she discovered the painting corner of the room, and a boy from the current 3 year old group decided to befriend her, I must admit I got a little teary.

I’m holding onto that thought, that image, as that is the only one serving me any good right now. So I’m grateful for it.

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