#204 A fresh morning

All you need sometimes, is to start the day over. Sure, you’re not getting back any horrible, difficult, long lost days that have already past, and there’s no chance of any kind of do-over Marty McFly style… but you sure as hell can learn from it, and try to make the next one, a better one.

Which is what I did this morning. I was uninspired to get out of bed quickly, instead lying for about half an hour, telling myself it was going to be a good day. It was going to be better, at the very least.

I told myself ‘things aren’t so bad.’

‘Today is a fresh start.’

‘Remain calm.’

‘Let’s just see what happens.’

And you know what? The day was good. It was better than yesterday. The re-focus of a fresh morning, a fresh start helped make the day great, and that is what I am grateful for today.

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